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Successful Translocation of Bay Checkerspot Larvae to Edgewood Natural Preserve

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On Tuesday, Feb 21, 2012, Creekside staff transferred 2,762 larvae as part of an ongoing reintroduction of threatened checkerspot butterflies to Edgewood Natural Preserve, located in San Mateo County.

Can you locate the Checkerspot larva (caterpillar) in this photo?

Recap of our news from first half of 2011

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May, 2011
Creekside Center for Earth Observation continues to work with the
County of San Mateo, the University of California Berkeley Botanic
Garden, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and Friends of Edgewood
Preserve on improving habitat in and around the one remaining wild
population of San Mateo Thronmint (
Acanthomintha obovata ssp. duttonii,
Acanthomintha duttonii).  See coverage from CNPS: CNPS article

April 22, 2011
Creekside Center for Earth Observation continues to work with the City
of San Francisco and the US Fish and Wildlife Service on reestablishing
viable populations of the Mission Blue Butterfly at Twin Peaks, San
Francisco.  This is the third year of this collaborative project.  See news
ABC7 coverage 

March, 2011
The Bay Area Open Space Council launches the Conservation Lands
Network website.  The Conservation Lands Network is a five-year science-
based study by over 125 organizations and individuals tasked to identify
the most essential lands needed to sustain the “natural infrastructure” of
our region.  CCEO played a vital role as a Science Advisor to this project:
Bay Area Lands website

Screen-shot from the Conservation Lands Network online tool

February, 2011
Creekside Center for Earth Observation, in conjunction with County of
San Mateo Parks and the US Fish and Wildlife Service, completed the
translocation of 4,000 Bay Checkerspot larvae from Coyote Ridge to
Edgewood Natural Preserve.  Local volunteers are conducting field
surveys for adult Checkerspot butterflies that have hatched from the
translocated caterpillars.  
Friends of Edgewood

Creekside Efforts Lauded in New York Times

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Creekside Science was mentioned in a recent New York Times blog article on Edgewood Natural Preserve.  The entire article can be found here.


Creekside Critter Housing Project at The Horse Park at Woodside is Featured in InMenlo

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In the summer of 2011, Creekside proposed a critter housing project at The Horse Park at Woodside.  Horse Park volunteer coordinator Nancy Benson raised funds through member contributions to make the project a reality.  14 Bluebird houses, 9 barn owl boxes, 4 bat houses and 7 raptor perches were installed by Creekside and Horse Park staff.