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Christal leading a volunteer group in a native coastal grassland.

Education and Outreach

We contribute to education and outreach efforts concerning conservation, climate change, natural history, and general understanding of science.

Popular Articles

Fu, P., and P.M. Rich.  2007.  “Geoportal”.  Initial Wikipedia Online Encyclopedia article.  link

Rich, P.M. and S.B. Weiss.  2007.  “Hemispherical photography”.  Initial Wikipedia Online Encyclopedia article.  link

Rich, P.M. 2005. “The basics of biodiversity”, “Why should we care about biodiversity?”, “Teaching about biodiversity”. Articles in Special Issue on Biodiversity. Climate Education Update Newsletter, January 2005 Special Issue.  pdf

Weiss, S.B. 2002. “Cars, cows, and checkerspot butterflies: preserving the serpentine ecosystemin Santa Clara County”. Green Footnotespdf

Rich, P.M., and P. Fu. 2000. “Enlightenment for mapping systems: solar radiation models look to the sun for answers”. Resource Magazine 6(2):7-8. pdf


Friends of Edgewood. 2007. “Return of the checkerspot: the story of a missing butterfly and its celebrated return to Edgewood”. Produced in collaboration with Dr. Stuart B. Weiss, Creekside Center for Earth Observation, and San Mateo County Parks and Recreation Foundation. Design by Kathy Switky.  pdf

California Native Plant Society.  2000. “Coyote Ridge: the treasure of Santa Clara Valley”. Produced in collaboration with Dr. Stuart B. Weiss, Creekside Center for Earth Observation. Design by Kathy Switky.  pdf


Curry, Chip. 2007. Coyote Ridge. Video montage of scenes of wildflowers, hills, Thule Elk, a golden eagle, and happy folks taking it all in on a wildflower tour led by Dr. Stuart B. Weiss, April, 2007. YouTube link

Children’s Books

Rich, P.M. 2006. The Sentinel Tree: Secrets of the Ancient Gardens.  Illustrated by Linda Chamberlin. Nature and Imagination Press, Santa Cruz, CA. (first of a series of science and education books for children)

Textbook Contributions:

Miller, G.T., and P.M. Rich. 1999. Ecology, ecosystems, and food webs. Chapters 4-10, pp. 80-250, Chapters 23-26, pp. 610-748 In: Living in the Environment (11th ed.). Brooks/Cole , Pacific Grove, CA. (the most widely used Environmental Studies text)

Volunteers transplanting creeping wild rye to increase slope stability.

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