Creekside Science


We provide a comprehensive list of services that will help meet your goals of effective land management, restoration, and species conservation.  Our services include habitat assessment, ecological restoration, experimental design, monitoring, GIS mapping/analysis, population analysis, conservation biology, climate change analysis, hemispherical photography, remote sensing and solar radiation mapping, landscape-scale reserve design, rare plant surveys, vegetation mapping, and general floristic surveys.  Our dedicated staff of biologists has many years of expertise in botany, entomology, ecology, restoration, surveying, mapping and even reading and critiquing Environmental Impact Reports.

Our projects page provides specific examples of the application of each of these services.  Whether you desire a survey for a rare plant, need an experimental design or want to better understand how invasive plants are effecting a given resource, we offer professional help with each of those topics.  Please contact us about how we can help provide analytical tools to help meet land management needs.

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