Goal:  Develop a science-based conservation plan that  identifies key habitat and ecological processes to guide protection and restoration activities in the densely populated San Francisco Bay Area.

The Problem:  Rapid, haphazard development in the San Francisco Bay Area irrevocably alters key habitat before its importance and vulnerability are recognized.

Science advisor: Stuart B. Weiss, PhD, of the Creekside Center for Earth Observation, provides expertise and experience needed for conservation planning and implementation.

Project websites:

Conservation Approach: The San Francisco Bay Area Upland Habitat Goals Project employs a science-based process to help conserve biodiversity for future generations. The project, administered by the Bay Area Open Space Council, will provide recommendations for protection of upland habitat based on existing and new data, expert opinion, and map-based analyses. These recommendations will be available to guide private and public conservation efforts concerning land acquisition and restoration. A sound framework for habitat protection enables land management agencies and local jurisdictions charged with land use planning to procure and direct funds for conservation. Informed assessment and planning are crucial to conserve and
restore healthy ecosystems, while permitting compatible uses as rapid development continues in the Bay Area.

Vegetation map of the entire Bay Area, CA, created for the Upland Habitat Goals project.

Elements of Conservation Planning:

  • Habitat requirements: map habitat needs for target species;
  • Risk assessment: identify threats to target species viability and recommend measures to reduce risk;
  • Conservation goals: recommend habitat protection and stewardship practices for target species;
  • Adaptive management: periodically review success, reevaluate goals, and redirect management as required;
  • Planning tools: develop a Geographic Information System (GIS) database and associated map-based conservation planning tools;
  • Reporting: develop a final report with conservation recommendations, available as an informational resource for public and private organizations

Download upland goals vision pdf

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