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ABC Television news, KGO-TV/DT, Channel 7, San Francisco, Oakland, San
Jose, April 5, 2007, “Rare Butterfly Returns to Peninsula Park”, by Heather
transcript   video (WMP)

NBC Television news, Channel 11,  Oakland, San Jose, and San Francisco
Bay, April 5, 2007,”Butterfly Reintroduced to Native Habitat”.  
wmv  video

CBS Television news, Channel 5,  Oakland, San Jose, and San Francisco
Bay, April 5, 2007,”Butterflies Set Free”.  
wmv  video (WMP)

KTVU Television news, Channel 2,  Oakland, San Jose, and San Francisco
Bay, April 5, 2007,”In Harms Way: Scientists Work To Preserve Bay
Checkerspot Butterfly In San Mateo County”, by Bob McKenzie.  
wmv   video


Meet the Planet, September 16, 2007, “Nitrogen Deposition and
Conservation”, interview of Stuart Weiss by Eva Glasure  

KQED Radio, Quest, April 6, 2007, “Drive by Extinction”, interview of Stuart
Weiss by Andrea Kissack  
mp3  link to recording  photo essay  blog discussion
National/Regional Newspapers

High Country News, May 18, 2009, Bring in the Cows!  Grazing May Be the
Best Hope for a Threatened Butterfly“, by J. Madeleine Nash

San Francisco Chronicle, April 17, 2009, Quest for endangered Mission
butterflies“, by John Coté

Land Letter, December 11, 2008, “Feds plan to enlist citizen help to look for
warming’s impact on wildlife”, by Scott Streater

San Jose Mercury News, June 26, 2008, “Biologists, ranchers hope cows
will help lure back butterflies”, by Dana Hull

Oakland Tribune, August 12, 2007, “Nitrogen Overdose:  Element quietly
rivaling CO2 as a global climate threat”, by Suzanne Bohan

Oakland Tribune, August 12, 2007, “Munching away at an ecological
menace: Grazing, when well managed, can restore ecosystems”, by
Suzanne Bohan

Oakland Tribune, April 6, 2007, “Scientists attempt to save Bay checkerspot
butterfly”, by Julia Scott and Suzanne Bohan

San Jose Mercury News, April 6, 2007, “Puzzle Solved, Butterflies Returned
To San Mateo County Preserve; solution: mow invasive grasses, let flowers
insects need thrive”, by Patrick May

San Francisco Chronicle, April 6, 2007, “Hopes flutter as butterflies are

San Francisco Chronicle, February 16, 2007, “Big effort to save a little
butterfly”, by Jane Kay

San Francisco Chronicle, October 13, 2006, “Vintners learn from
butterflies”, by Carl T. Hall

Science, November 11, 2005, Vol. 310, p. 947, “Warmer and Drier”, Editor’s
Choice, edited by Gilbert Chin

Washington Post, May 22, 2006. “The Checkerspot Mystery: An Ecological
Whodunit”, by Juliet Eilperin

San Jose Mercury News, April 22, 2005, “Despite rescue efforts local
species dying: natural, human damages to ecosystems bringing loss”, by
Glennda Chui

San Francisco Chronicle, April 24, 2004, page F2, “On Coyote Ridge, cows
come to rescue of butterflies: with preference for exotic weed, cattle take on
a supportive role”, by Geoffrey Coffey

Science, August 2, 2002, Vol. 297, p. 767, “Grazing for butterflies”, Random
Samples, edited by David Malakoff

Local Newspapers

San Mateo Daily News and Burlingame Daily News, April 6, 2007,
“Butterflies Return to Edgewood”
, by Shaun Bishop

San Mateo Daily Journal, April 6, 2007, “Rare butterfly returns to park”

The Almanac, Menlo Park, Atherton, Woodside, March 28, 2007, “Stuart
Weiss brings butterflies back to Edgewood Natural Preserve”, by Marion

The Daily Journal, San Mateo County, March 21, 2007, “Checkerspot flying
back to local park”, by Dana Yates

The Daily Journal, San Mateo County, July 23, 2005,  “In search of
butterflies”, by Lou Sian

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