Service:  Formulate effective sampling designs, perform field measurements, and
conduct ongoing monitoring for conservation research, mitigation requirements, consulting, and empirical studies.

The Technique:  Understanding the structure and function of the natural world
requires sampling designs that rigorously characterize key environmental factors
while minimizing time, effort, and cost. Field measurement based on such sampling
designs employs standard and custom techniques (e.g. quadrats and transects),
specialized field instruments (e.g. hemispherical photography and temperature
sensors), along with systematic qualitative and quantitative observations.
Monitoring with repeated field sampling enables assessment of ecological changes
with time.

Our Contribution:  We provide custom field sampling design, field measurement,
and monitoring of diverse terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.  Examples of field
measurement and monitoring include sampling vegetation composition using
quadrats, sampling butterfly populations using standardized visual searches along
transects, sampling solar radiation using arrays of hemispherical photographs, and
sampling surface temperature with hand-held infrared sensors.

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