Creekside Science


Stuart B. Weiss (PhD, Stanford University) Chief Scientist

Stu has extensive research experience in conservation and population biology, microclimate characterization, and statistical analysis.  He worked over fifteen years at the Center for Conservation Biology at Stanford University, authored more than 25 scientific publications, and served as principal investigator for more than 50 grants and contracts (US Fish and Wildlife Service, California Energy Commission, Silicon Valley Land Conservancy, etc.).   CV

Christal Niederer (BS, San Francisco State University), Staff Biologist

Christal has extensive field experience  concerning invasive species management, vegetation monitoring, and restoration ecology.  She worked five seasons as a biological science technician at Yosemite National Park (vegetation and erosion monitoring,  meadow restoration, and backcountry rare plant surveys). She also worked at California State Parks in Half Moon Bay (threatened and endangered species recovery).    CV

James Quenelle (BA, UC Davis), Staff Biologist

Jimmy has been with Creekside since 2008. He has worked extensively on rare plant management, invasive species control, and butterfly translocation projects. In addition to his conservation and restoration work, he has a background in outdoor education.  He has also worked on and led National Park Service trail construction crews. CV

Lech Naumovich (MESc, Yale), Staff Biologist

Lech has extensive experience in rare plant surveys, vegetation mapping, restoration ecology, and conservation science.  He worked for 5 years as the East Bay California Native Plant Society conservation analyst.  He is a founding director for a non-profit restoration ecology institute (Golden Hour Restoration Institute) and is currently working on updating the East Bay Flora/checklist.  He has been working with Creekside since 2007.  CV

Paul Rich (PhD, Harvard University), Senior Scientist (on medical leave)

Paul has extensive professional research and teaching experience in botany, ecology, environmental modeling, biogeography, conservation biology, climate change, and geographic information systems (GIS), with more than 80 professional publications, four commercial software programs, along with more than 60 scientific grants and contracts. His personal interests include bicycling, botany, classical guitar, healthy lifestyle, nature, qigong, swimming, and writing. CV

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