Service:  Provide expert scientific consultation based on
conservation biology principles including reserve design, population viability analysis, and habitat assessments.

The Science:  Conservation biology is the scientific study of
protection of Earth’s biodiversity and natural resources.  The goals of
conservation biology are twofold: 1) to understand effects of human
activities on organisms, communities, and ecosystems; and 2) to
develop practical science-based approaches to protect and restore
ecosystem health.

Our Contribution:  We apply conservation biology, along with
cutting-edge technology, to address problems relating to assess
population status and habitat needs, to evaluate practical options for habitat restoration, and to implement conservation management plans.

Representative Projects: We revealed interrelationships between
atmospheric nitrogen pollution, spread of invasive
grasses, and local extinction of the threatened Bay
Checkerspot Butterfly (Euphydrya editha bayensis).

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