Native Prairie Restoration in Woodside

Lupine seed collection THPAWWe have been working on quite a few sites on the San Francisco Peninsula over the years. Certainly, Bay Checkerspot Reintroduction work at Edgewood County Park and Natural Preserve anchors our resume, but we also have worked on a rich palette of other rare and endangered species associated with grassland/prairie sites. The following project represents the culmination of 5 years of trial and error, most of which has been filled with success, and of course, gregarious spring wildflowers (lupine – goldfields meadows with freshly germinating grasses.)

Our goal with this specific prairie restoration project is to reduce non-native thistle cover. The soil has also been amended over the years, so we are removing soil, and all its weed seeds, that has been piled up over the years.2013-01-18 10.29.06

We do use heavy equipment and scrape the ground at a depth of 3-6″. The bare soil is the scarified and sown with a native seed mix which includes material collected onsite. Finally the site is mulched lightly with a thin coat of weed-free rice straw and an assortment of straw wattles that will help reduce any potential erosion in the wet season before vegetation gets established.

2013-01-24 15.29.47

Please contact us with any questions or if you’d like to see similar work done in your natural areas.

Lupines and poppies at THPAW May 2012

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