Hunting the Tiburon Paintbrush

Laney - Castilleja study in Marin-3327Creekside staff has teamed up with researchers in order to help us learn more about the endangered Tiburon Paintbrush (Castilleja affinis ssp. neglecta). Laney Widener of the Northwestern University and the Chicago Botanic Garden has been traveling through California collecting samples and updating the distribution of this plant (and a number of Castilleja species).

Laney - Castilleja study in Marin-2-2We are particularly interested in the Tiburon paintbrush since it is a federally endangered plant with a limited distribution. Notably, this serpentine endemic seems to have its core range in the Marin-Sonoma area, with outliers in Solano county and all the way south in Santa Clara county. We hope to learn a bit more about this cryptic plant and its relationship to other Castilleja species in Northern California.


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